Message from Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to Rosebud School! Our school is one of its kinds in the nation as it proves itself an exception through the implementation of the Complete Schooling Program (CSP) that blends learning with participation and exploration. We have always looked forward to lessening the study burden to our children through execution of modern teaching learning practices and involvements in a number of extra co-curricular activities. Our school is an atmosphere of academic excellence surrounded by faith and social freedom where we strive to educate our students through acts of service and kindness. Our vision is to provide education that contributes to preparing each child as a responsible member of the family, community and the nation. We recognize that the parents are the primary educators of their children, and we view the school as an extension of the family. Hence, we take this as our responsibility to help educate the child in an environment that finally contributes in creating a civilized personality from each child enrolled with us. We recognize that each child has God given dignity and value. We identify each child’s individual needs. Through a carefully planned curriculum and qualified staff, we help to develop and meet the needs of every child insofar as possible.

We have always imparted our children with the belief that education is not limited in books and classrooms. To confer the same to every child who is associated to our family, we have tried our best not to let a stone unturned in enrolling every child in at least one activity of their choice and interest that can add up to their aptitude of performance. We focus on acquisition of academic skills necessary for contemporary society and higher education that help in adapting to the change and an openness to the progressive technique. Understanding today’s parents, who have the idea of the international community and their desire of bringing up their child as competent and proficient of the caliber we except them to perform, we have our school starting from the play group that grooms every child contributing to their overall development from the early stage of their growth. Growing as a student of Rosebud School, a child finds one capable and proficient in all life skills.

Today Rosebud School is a family on more than 1800 students, over 150 faculty members and 150 administrative, managerial and other associates. We have students, who have passed out from our school involved in various works of life contributing in raising the development graph of the community, nation and mankind as a whole. It makes us proud to see our students live a successful social and professional life as they grow under our schooling culture. We invite you to learn more about rosebud school by touring this website and by also visiting our school environment.

Damodar Dhungana