Co-curricular activities

Activities related to the Kinesthetic and emotional developments of every student are integral part of our school curriculum. Unlike other traditional schools, Sports and other co-curricular activities are regular and compulsory activities for all our students in our school. Co-curricular activities include individual and team sports such as football, basketball, table tennis, swimming, martial arts, horse riding and athletics and performing arts such as music, dance, drama, arts and craft and yoga. Students have the opportunity to display their skills and talents in co-curricular activities in various inter school, intra-school, and at the annual functions such as Rosebud Day, Sports Day and Annual Cultural Show. Competitive, educative and entertaining events such as quiz contest, creative writing, memo-catch, paper presentation, model presentation, debate, public speaking, talent show, educational field trips and tours, celebration of religious festivals are conducted throughout the school year. Students in our junior school also learn Chinese language and Scouting as a part of their co-curricular program. Students also learn to develop their interest and concern towards the community through different club activities. By being involved in health club, junior red-cross circle, environment club and community service club, students learn to contribute positively to the society. Students are encouraged to develop awareness of the problems plaguing our society, educate other members of the community about problems and encourage everyone’s participation and contribution in solving such problems by setting an example. A dedicated team of professional instructors work hard to provide rigorous training to the students in each of the activities throughout the year.


In order to foster teamwork, develop competitive spirit and learn to be a responsible member of the Rosebud School community, the entire student body and teachers of our school are divided into four houses- Rugosa, Osiana, Sericea, and Europa – the initials of which form ROSE. Each house is led by a Head of House supported by assigned teachers.

Joint school activities

In order to facilitate proper exposure and friendly competitions, Rosebud School is involved in joint school activities with five other reputed schools of Nepal. Sports activities, drama, exhibitions, students and teachers exchange programs, SEE send-up examination are some of the programs jointly organized each year to materialize the concept. St. Xavier’s School at Jawalakhel, St.Xavier’s School at Godawari, St. Mary’s School at Jawalakhel, Nepal Don Bosco School at Lubhu and Kathmandu University High School are our partner schools in these activities.



Classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated with ample nature and artificial lighting and cooling facilities. Properly designed furniture, dust free white boards, display boards, and power supply for audio-visual facilities are standard features in our classrooms


Our computer Laboratory is the pride of our school. Every students of our school has access to computer laboratory which is equipped with more than 100 networked computers with LCD monitors. All computers are connected to the internet with high speed broadband/ ADSL access.


A well-equipped science laboratory has sufficient resources to make science education exciting and fun.


A library with an extensive range of reference books, newspapers, magazines, and educational CDs is at students’ and staff’s disposal. We are committed towards developing our library into a well facilitated resource center with facilities for e-learning. Our separate audio-visual centers equipped with the projectors and the computer help students learn audio-visually.


A multi-purpose auditorium with a seating capacity of 300 serves as location for several intra-school and inter-school competitive events and stage performances.


Students with the need for a shuttle service can use our transportation system. Our school operates a fleet of 50 buses. The bus routes cover all major city areas. The staffs of the shuttle service have been trained for proper care, comfort, and safety of the students.


Security of our students is of utmost concern. School’s own security personnel provide around the clock security in school. Access to school areas is strictly controlled. Fire extinguishers are placed at critical areas in the school. CCTV cameras are installed around the vicinity for 24/7 surveillance.


Facilities include football field, basketball court, hall for indoor games and martial arts, a cricket pitch for batting practice and separate music and dance rooms.


Our school is committed towards the well-being of every student while at school. Our school’s infirmary is looked after by a qualified nursing staff and is well-equipped to provide first aid and treatment of minor injuries. Students with injuries that require urgent medical attention are taken to nearby hospital and the concerned parents are informed immediately. Every student’s health records are kept on file for references purposes. Our school offers the service of a professional doctor (pediatrician) once a week for regular checkup and health related advice.


As a part of our emotional development program, our school provides regular counseling sessions conducted by an expert psychologist. Students and parents take advantage of our service that is designed to provide professional advice and guidance in emotional development and child related matters. Our school counselor is available between 10 am to 4 pm on every alternate day.


The school provides two healthy, wholesome and hygienic meals a day to all of its students. Especially treated potable water is served for drinking to ensure good health of our students.


Our school conveys notices and important messages and disseminates news through the use of wide range of applications. In addition to the traditional paper based notice, we also notify our parents and audience through modern electronic means like: our Rosebud School App, School’s Facebook Page and our regularly updated school’s website. Regular updates about school activities are shared through Rosebud School App. We also use SMS notification for immediate communication.