Established in 1993 (2049 B.S), Rosebud School is a co-educational institute located at the heart of Kathmandu city. It offers education from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Rosebud currently has about 1800 students. Our mission is to provide a child-centered learning environment within which every child has an equal opportunity to realize their full potential, have a healthy intellectual, physical and emotional growth and prepare themselves for life in a rapidly changing world. Instead of emphasizing only on academic growth, Rosebud School seeks to provide opportunity for holistic and all-around development of every child through our Complete Schooling Program (CSP).


Rosebud School is spread over 15 ropanis of land with top-class facilities for quality education in the heart of Kathmandu city. Rosebud School is located in a prime downtown area in Kathmandu city between Buddhanagar and Thapathali where many government offices, business, hospitals and bus stops are within walking distances. The school is easily accessible from the main roads in Baneswor and Thapathali.

Belief and Value

Our Educational environment encourages students to develop lifelong skills that nurture positive attitude and self-growth. The environment we provide and continually strive to improve upon is founded on the following values and beliefs which we believe are characteristics of all Members of the Rosebud Community.


Enhance life opportunities of adolescents.


Develop adolescents that are creative in thinking, practical in action, emotionally mature and grounded in our values.

Rules and regulation

We look forward to encouraging every individual associated to our family abide by the basic norms of good values, integrity and discipline in and outside school as defined by the school's code of conduct.